No Nasties Play Makeup

No Nasties Play Makeup

When we found No Nasties. we knew we needed to get our hands on it! Both being moms of daughters we knew this was a must have, and we knew we wouldn't be alone on this one!!

No Nasties is an Australian owned company creating all natural kids play makeup, face paint and hair chalk. 

The founder and CEO has 43 confirmed medium to high grade allergies. She decided to make the shift to all things natural when her health began to suffer. After investigating what was in her makeup she became very aware of what she was putting on her skin. When her 5 year old was gifted children's makeup she checked the ingredient list and found numerous chemicals, FD&C colours and metals. She instantly tossed them. 

She began creating No Nasties. A fully handmade, all natural children's makeup line. It was created for parents like her, who were concerned with what was being put on their little ones skin! 

Everything down to the recycled cardboard packaging is natural! You will be at ease letting your little one play when it comes to this amazing product!

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