Nooks Design Booties

Nooks Design started back in 2013 when Ruthie and LP were in search of the perfect pair of booties for their daughter Anouk. Unable to find what they were looking for - a versatile, fashionable and well made bootie - Ruthie decided to create her own. The first pair of Nooks were made out of thrift store finds. 

The demand for these booties grew as parents saw the quality in them first hand. Originally al hand made in Kelowna, Canada, the team realized they needed to expand due to high volume in interest. To keep up with the growing demand they partnered up with a Fair Trade certified team in Nepal in 2017 to help cut and sew the booties. 

The booties are made using all vintage fabrics and upcycled wool and leather. If your looking for a starter bootie.. or even just a statement piece, this is the brand for you!

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